Designing a User-centric Platform for Charitable Giving
As the sole designer for this two-week project, I took on the responsibility of driving it from the research phase all the way to delivering a high-fidelity design. With a deep passion for philanthropy and a desire to make a meaningful impact, I embarked on this journey to create a platform that would empower the community to access valuable information about charities and facilitate their donations.
My RoleĀ 
Lead Designer
User Researcher
Ideator and Prototyper
Usability Tester
UI Designer
Responsive Designer
Key Research Insights:
Motivation to Donate: People need to be motivated to donate. Understanding their motivations and providing compelling reasons to contribute can significantly increase engagement and participation.
Vulnerability and Empathy: Showing the vulnerability of the situation can have a powerful impact on potential donors. When they can relate to the difficulties faced by others and find personal connections, they are more inclined to contribute.
Time Efficiency: People have limited spare time, so the app should be designed to be fast and easy to use. Streamlining the donation process and minimizing the time required for users can help encourage continued engagement.
Information Availability: Providing sufficient and comprehensive information about the charitable entity is crucial. Lack of information can lead to uncertainty and discourage potential donors from following through with their contributions.
These research insights played a significant role in informing the design decisions and guiding the development of the app, ensuring that it addresses the specific needs and motivations of potential donors while prioritizing ease of use and accessibility.
Describing the process
User interviews and ideation led to a problem statement, followed by mid-fi prototyping and usability testing. Final screens were designed in Figma, prioritizing color choice and reusable components. Additionally, a responsive version for Apple Watch enhanced accessibility and convenience for users.
Enhanced Access to Charitable Information:
Achieved the goal of helping the community find more information about charities. By providing comprehensive details about charitable organizations, potential donors can make informed decisions and feel confident about the impact of their contributions.
Streamlined Donation Process:
Made it easier for users to donate by optimizing the donation process. Through intuitive design and seamless user experience, the app minimizes the time and effort required, increasing the likelihood of users following through with their donations.
Responsive Design for Apple Watch:
Designed a responsive version specifically for Apple Watch, enabling users to stay connected and engaged with charitable causes on the go. By integrating the app with Apple Watch, users can receive notifications and conveniently contribute to charities directly from their wrists, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

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