Simplifying User Enrollment: Designing an Intuitive Registration Page
As the lead designer for this project, I was responsible for creating a registration page for users to purchase courses online. I was involved in the project since the beginning, conducting desk research and meeting with the client success team to understand the needs of our clients. 
This project was also the first big project where I was able to work on HTML and CSS before handing it off to developers. Unfortunately, I had left the company before the product was delivered to the customer, so I do not have authorization to use any images from our research or mockups and I have removed the client's logo for privacy.

My Role: 
Desk Research
Client Success Team Collaboration
Ideation and Concept Creation
Design Sprints
Presentations to Leadership
Asset Delivery for Production
HTML and CSS Styling
Neovation Corporation
Bilingual (English and French) Registration Page: 
The design ensures that the registration page is accessible to users in both English and French languages, accommodating a diverse range of learners and providing a seamless experience for all.
Responsive Design for Multiple Devices: 
Recognizing the importance of accessibility, the registration page is designed to be responsive and optimized for both laptop and mobile screens. Users can effortlessly access and complete the registration process on their preferred devices, whether it's a desktop or a smartphone.
Enhanced Accessibility: 
The bilingual feature of the registration page enables users to select their preferred language (English or French), ensuring inclusivity and catering to a wider audience. This accessibility-focused approach fosters a more inclusive learning environment.
Streamlined Payment Process: 
The integration of PayPal as a payment option simplifies the transaction process, resulting in smoother and more secure payment experiences for users. This helps to reduce barriers and friction during the registration process.
Optimal Cross-Device Experience: 
With responsive design, the registration page is accessible and visually appealing across various devices, including laptops and mobile screens. Users can conveniently access and register for courses using their preferred devices, leading to a seamless cross-device experience.

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