Providing a Clear Path to Understanding and Engagement
As the lead designer for TKMilhas, I took on the exciting challenge of creating an engaging and explicative landing page for this innovative system. With a focus on delivering a seamless user experience, the landing page serves as a gateway for potential clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of TKMilhas before signing up.

My role: 
Product Design
User Interviews
Creative Direction
Product Strategy
Know what you are signing up for.
Through a careful balance of captivating visuals, concise descriptions, and interactive elements, the TKMilhas landing page effectively communicates the system's features and benefits. By showcasing its unique selling points, such as its user-friendly interface, time-saving capabilities, and cost-efficiency, visitors are empowered to make informed decisions.

I prioritized user experience by ensuring the landing page is visually appealing and intuitive to navigate. Clear calls-to-action guide visitors towards signing up or exploring more about TKMilhas, leading to increased engagement and conversions.
Higher Conversions:
The new design is expected to significantly increase the number of sign-ups and inquiries, leading to a higher conversion rate and more potential customers.
Seamless User Experience:
Users find the landing page intuitive, informative, and visually appealing, resulting in a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience.
Positive Feedback: 
Stakeholders and team members have provided positive feedback, praising the landing page's clarity, persuasive content, and potential to attract and convert leads.

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